About Us

Abuelita Yarns began 1978 as a family business, and though it has expandend over the years, it is still ran by parents and children and aimed at the same goal: to celebrate natural fibers, and offer a wide variety of yarns amazingly fine to the touch, light-weight, warm, durable, soft and not itchy. Our range of yarns is very comprehensive for the most discerning craftspersons; by specializing in sheep wool, cotton and alpaca fibers we try to achieve the highest standards.

Our yarns come in a variety of colors and innovative palettes inspired in Mother Nature´s many treasures; in the uruguayan gorgeous landscapes, and the meaningful moments of our daily life. 

Talented uruguayan artisans use bucket dying to make their own and unique hand dyed techniques with the finest wool. Moreover, we have expanded our inventory and now we are prepared to develop any color you can imagine!



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