viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Abuelita Yarns was visited by more than 40 knitters from different sides of the world

Last Monday, we had a special and an international visit. Craft Cruises arrived to Uruguay and more than 40 of its passengers were knitters and decided to visit Abuelita Yarns.

It was really moving to see them all at our local shop, going through our yarns and chosing from the wide variety of colors and types. Some of them, we would say, felt in love with the ones they've chosen and that motivated us to continue working with the best Uruguayan yarn quality.

Finally, it was a pleasure to receive them all and we are ready to receive them again next year, as they promised to come back for more Abuelita Yars. 

We now invite you to visit our shop and find the yarn that you love!

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